Design Kit

Welcome to Nuxt design definition page. Identity was redefined by handpicking conscientiously colors, typography and shapes in order to put forward how performant, useful & easy Nuxt products are.


Nuxt Logo

The logo is made from two elements: the triangular mountains and the wordmark. In most cases, they should appear together as the opposite master lockup shows. The triangular mountains can be used on their own as an icon, profile picture or badge, but the wordmark should never be used without this symbol on the side.




    Logo green & dark


    Logo green & light


    Logo monochrome black


    Logo monochrome white


Color Palette

Our color palette is based on our iconic NuxtJS green and colours have been carefully considered to work in harmony and consistency across various media. When creating Nuxt communications, use the colour values shown to make sure your designs stay on-brand.

  • Green


  • White


  • Gray



Roobert font

Our brand typeface is Roobert PRO by the Display Foundry. This typeface was chosen for it鈥檚 aesthetic reminding the shape of Nuxt logo by many aspects (joints, apex, vertex of the structure). It provides modernity and sobriety while giving an iconic aspect of our visual content and without decreasing the accessibility of texts.

Font is also variable which allows us to fit with any contexts.

Roobert PRO

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.



For Nuxt brand, we will only use Regular / Medium / Semibold / Bold weights 99% of the time. You should avoid Light & Heavy if you want to use it as Nuxt Identity. Only exceptions are for super, subscript characters, also you can use heavy if you go upper than 72px for a font size. As Roobert font is licensed, you cannot use it for free so you can use the Inter font as an alternative. If you want to have visuals with Roobert official font, contact us we will give you the asset ready.