Official Support

Through NuxtLabs experts and agency networks, we have a solution for every need.


Our experts network is composed of Vue, Nuxt and Vite core team members and contributors.
The highest level of expertise that you can find.


    Audit & Consulting

    Solve any problems in a few days.

    • Project scoping & roadmap building
    • Performance & security audit
    • Code cleaning & best practices

    Workshops & Trainings

    Learn everything there is to know about Nuxt.

    • Migration to Nuxt 3
    • Nuxt beginner course
    • Nuxt advanced courses

    Design & Development

    Our quality standards for your project.

    • Migration from Nuxt 2 to Nuxt 3
    • Application building
    • UX / UI design & Branding

Working with NuxtLabs

NuxtLabs is the bridge between open-source software development and enterprise-grade web services.

    Excellence by necessity

    As creators and maintainers of the technologies you are using, our services are here to showcase the full power of our softwares.

    Unique expertise

    All the peoples that will be involved in delivering your project are contributing to the technologies you are using, when they are not the creators themselves.

    Commitment to innovation

    By working with us, you are directly supporting the open source community, ensuring the ecosystem continuity and enabling Nuxt development.

Official Agency partners

Are you looking for a trusted partner with a strong expertise in Nuxt development?
Consult our agency partner catalog and find an agency near you with the right set of skills.

We will gladly help you refine your needs and help you select the relevant partner for you.

Community Support

Our active community is comprised of more than 2000 contributors. Asking your questions on our GitHub discussion board is a free and efficient way to ensure that you find solutions to your problems.

  • GitHub discussion

    We first recommend looking for your question on the discussion board. Feel free to create a post if you can't find the answer.

  • Discord server

    Our Discord server is also a good place to have real time exchanges with members of the community.

  • Other Platforms

    If none of the solutions above work for you, you can also try the Nuxt subreddit or Stack Overflow.