Ikea shopper finds exotic lizard hiding in houseplant

The RSPCA said a member of the public purchased a houseplant from an Ikea store in Exeter, England, and later discovered an exotic gecko hiding among the leaves. Photo courtesy of the RSPCA

Animal rescuers in Britain said an Ikea shopper returned to their home and discovered a potted plant they purchased at the furniture store had a stowaway — a gecko lizard.

The RSPCA said the shopper bought the plant from the Ikea store in Exeter and returned home to find a gecko was hiding among the leaves.

RSPCA Animal Rescue Officer Clara Scully responded to the home to safely capture the lizard.

“A member of the public got more than they bargained for with this plant. This little fella was hidden in the leaves! He is now safe awaiting transfer for his new home by one of our exotic officers,” Scully said.

The RSPCA said the gecko is native to warmer climates and would likely not survive in the wild in Britain.